Project  |  Broadcast Australia, Mt Bingar NSW  (west of Sydney)

Electrical works and services completed :

EPP (Emergency Power Plant) works

  • Provision of a mobile generator and temporary fuel tank to automatically back up the site during EPP replacement works


  • Removal of existing generator


  • Building modifications to the Generator Room


  • Installation of new generator, generator switchboard, EPP control panel and fuel transfer system

  • Commissioning of the new generator, associated controls and fuel transfer system

MSB installation & renewal works

  • Install structural steelwork to support the floor beneath the new main switchboard and cutting-in of floor penetrations for cabling access from below


  • Installation of new main switchboard and site sharing distribution board

  • Cut-over of mains supply to new main switchboard and temporary supply to existing main switchboard


  • Commissioning of new main switchboard in conjunction with EPP commissioning


  • Transfer of building load to new main switchboard during customer’s planned outage windows

  • Removal of existing main switchboard and making good of walls, floor and ceiling


  • Electrical Contractors Licence  -  NSW 59081C

  • ACT Electrical Licence  -  2019586

  • Electrical Contractors Licence QLD  -  71331

  • Electrical Contractor Licence SA  -  PGE166809

  • Electrical Contractor Licence VIC  -  19223



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